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Category definition for feature requests (3)
Logging Driver multiple destinations ... and Docker remote logging fragility (1)
Docker-compose clone/push/pull (1)
Install Docker without internet using rpm (3)
Matomo 3.5.0 Docker image missing (1)
Completely Integrate Docker Compose into Docker and Make it a Management Command (1)
Docker Volume Encryption (1)
Healthcheck - different interval for startup check vs recurring checks. Maybe make a separate `STARTUPCHECK` (3)
Support for external health checks (3)
Publish Docker on app stores (4)
Docker stack or service kill to send signal to remote containers (14)
Docker Hub Webhook on build failure (14)
View email in docker without sending (1)
Allow explicit definition of target container type when switching between windows and linux containers (3)
Docker Latest tag to check if there is any changes on the upstream hub (2)
Explicit gestion of layers Dockerfile (3)
Implement --no-run-if-empty or similar feature in the docker command (1)
Docker images retention policy (1)
In windows, when npm install length restrictions (4)
Default init sequence / folder structure (3)
Please add [registry] arg to docker images (1)
Docker commit should retain container data in volumes too (4)
Route Multicast packet to containers with out port mapping (1)
--net=host:eth0 (1)
Docker for Windows used in build farms (17)
Switch to specify no public IPs (1)
Make "--user `whoami`" the default for "docker run" (3)
Command to remove all unused images ( 2 ) (27)
Copy-on-write option (1)
Dup - please delete (1)