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Open Source Projects

Open Source Registry API This category is about all the API's provided by Docker, Registry, and Hub - see the <a href="">Reference documentation</a> for more information.
Compose Compose is a tool for defining and running multi-container applications with Docker. With Compose, you define a multi-container application in a single file, then spin your application up in a single command which does everything that needs to be done to get it running.
Boot2Docker The Boot2Docker project is no longer active and has been replaced by <a href="">Docker Toolbox</a>.
Notary Docker Notary: <a href=""></a>
Docker Toolbox Docker Toolbox
Machine Machine lets you create Docker hosts on your computer, on cloud providers, and inside your own data center. It creates servers, installs Docker on them, then configures the Docker client to talk to them.
Kitematic Kitematic is a simple app for managing Docker containers on Mac OS X (and soon windows)!
Open Source Registry The Docker Open Source Registry provides a toolset to pack, ship, store, and deliver content.
DockerEngine <code>docker</code> usage as CLI and daemon
Swarm Docker Swarm is native clustering for Docker. It allows you create and access to a pool of Docker hosts using the full suite of Docker tools. Because Docker Swarm serves the standard Docker API, any tool that already communicates with a Docker daemon can use Swarm to transparently scale to multiple hosts.

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