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A newbe question about docker networks

Hi as I said I’m very new to this world, and I have a question about networking in docker. I have this scenario, I have a bridge network define by me where i have containers that connect to nginx as reverse proxy so I can have external with ssl, No problem so far. Now I have a container that requires to be connect to my host network so it can accese my networks devices, also no problem here. But now i want this last container to be accese from outside my network through my nginx reverse proxy, and the problem is here. So far I can’t connect my both networks. I undestand this is on porpouse. So my question is must I procede. I can think in some options for example:

  • Move everything to host network, but I don’t like the idea to have al my containers on the same network.
  • some kind of bridge network that can accese my network?
    I don’t know if I asking some wrong? or what I ask scape docker scope, maybe I sholud change all my docker in some way, I’ll wite for your answers?