A Synology user needs help.

I installed fail2ban on Synology Diskstation. This also works without any problems. I tested a lot and found out when you reset the container, you get an error message. At first I thought it was an error from fail2ban and wrote it in the appropriate forum. But with a lot of testing, I was able to narrow down the error. It’s just the leftovers on the Synology Diskstation. A “recreate” in Portainer works without problems. The new installation works again. It is interesting that it occurs with 2 different images (crazy-max & linuxserver).

Is it a typical Synology problem or a problem in the container, compose or cli?

So that other users don’t have the same problems, I would like to try to solve the problem. If the problem is identified, I would like to inform the dev so that it can be fixed.