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"Access denied: [hash] is a private image" error when pushing an image based on java:8

(Kevin Hyland) #1

When pushing an image to our private repository, I get the following error:

[error] Error: Status 400 trying to push repository evenfinancial/svc-originator: "\"Access denied: 67a1a84dac8c6cbda356e874ea08133719f3760c06c6514fbcf5b3094389a3b4 is a private image\""

The image mentioned in the error (67a1a84dac8c) is an ancestor of the java:8 image. My Dockerfile looks like this:

FROM java:8
MAINTAINER evenfinancial
WORKDIR /opt/docker
ADD opt /opt
RUN ["chown", "-R", "daemon:daemon", "."]
USER daemon
ENTRYPOINT ["bin/svc"]
CMD ["-Dconfig.file=conf/prod.conf", "-Dlogger.file=conf/production-logger.xml"]

I’m using Docker version 1.8.1 (build d12ea79). I’ve rebuilt the image on a brand new docker-machine and the error still occurs on push. This was not happening to me yesterday.