Access Modules from Dockerhub and Work with it


I’m completely new to docker and want to work with this or this docker module. I’m getting completely confused while installing and running a module in docker ecosystem. Please help me with the following questions. These questions are not related to this particular module, but general ones.

  1. How to install a module like the above one?

  2. In the setup, it’s mentioned “This builds a Docker container from a locally checked out copy of OpenFace”. What this means?

These questions might sound extremely simple and silly. But I spend almost 2 days to get the answers these questions over internet and books. But yet to get.

It will be great if someone can guide me to references which I can use for future tasks (again not related to particular module).

Thanks for your help!

One first need to download the git library (in this case openface) through direct download or through git command.

Now cd into the downloaded “openface” folder. There’s a dockerfile exists. This dockerfile has all the instructions to load the module (openface) into the docker.

After that just run the command:

docker build -t openface .

This command will build openface container in the docker environment from the source code.

Once done, we can test if the image, we can start the container using the following command:

docker run -t -i openface /bin/bash