Access to containers from different clients


i used Docker 4 Windows. I tried a few things before I came to you :grinning:

First of all, I am a beginner, that is the first problem :slightly_smiling_face:

And my main problem is the following:

I want to use different Docker Containers on a Intel NUC with WIn 10 Pro in my Home Network. The Containers are for my Smarthome, DNS etc. At the moment, all of the Service i use are on a raspberry, that is why i want to use docker in the future.

For testing i run a nginx Container on my Intel NUC, it works fine. But only the NUC can connect to the Container. My Smartphone or other PC’s can’t connect to the Container.

  • i operated the container in the host network -> doesn’t work
  • i operated the container in the default network with publish-all -> doesn’t work

I have no idea what else can I do.

hope someone can help me?


Can your other PCs connect to your Intel NUC?
How are you starting your docker container - what does the docker container run command look like, or if you are using a docker-compose.yml file, what does that look like?