Accessing local mysql server datbase from docker container spring boot app

Hi, I’m new to using docker and I have the following problem: I made an app to access a database from a MYQL server running locally. I cannot create a container that allows me to connect that app to Mysql that runs outside the container. App has back end Spring Boot and Front End React. I don’t know how to write a docker-compose.yml file that would allow me to do this and I don’t know what settings to add to Spring or REact.
Can you help me with some examples?
Thank you!

I moved the topic from Tips & Tricks because that is for sharing tips and tricks not for questions. However I am not sure that you use the open source version and not Docker Desktop, so please share more details about your environment and software versions.

Please, also share how you try to access the service on your host. Commands, compose yaml file, anything that is related to the issue.

You can also search for “localhost” or “docker localhost” on the forum, because there are a lot of questions about accessing “localhost” from a container if this is the case.