Accessing the ps5 controller in the docker container using dbus forwarding method

Hello all,
I created a docker container using portainer in my system, and i can access directly access the container using ssh root@__.__.__.__ -p 1022 -X in the terminal. I want to access the ps5 wireless controller inside the container, is it possible with dbus forwarding method? I am not well aware of using dbus.

we can access the wireless controller using the docker run command with some arguments inside the container. since i am using ssh i want to use dbus forwarding method.

this is the list of devices inside the container

root@ee948fea22e6:/dev/input# ls
event0  event10  event12  event2  event4  event6  event8  mice
event1  event11  event13  event3  event5  event7  event9

this is the list of devices available in the system

pc@pc-NUC12WSHi5:/dev/input$ ls
by-path  event10  event13  event16  event4  event7  js0   mouse0
event0   event11  event14  event2   event5  event8  js1
event1   event12  event15  event3   event6  event9  mice

i would be glad if anyone gives suggestions on this one. Thanks in Advance.