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Account locked for too many login attempts

(Evan Prodromou) #1

So, I was trying to update one of my stack files when I got this error message:

evan@elizabeth:~/Code/$ docker-cloud stack update -f dev.yml dev
Status 429 (GET Response: {"detail": "Too many login attempts."}

I thought there might be a problem with my login data, so I tried doing a docker login:

evan@elizabeth:~/Code/$ sudo docker login
Username (evanp): 
Error response from daemon: Login: Too many failed login attempts. You have been locked out for one hour. Try again later or contact support. (Code: 429; Headers: map[Strict-Transport-Security:[max-age=31536000] Server:[nginx/1.6.2] Date:[Sun, 10 Apr 2016 03:07:20 GMT] Content-Type:[application/json] Vary:[Cookie] X-Frame-Options:[SAMEORIGIN]])

Fortunately, this is just a dev environment, and it’s the weekend. But if this were a production situation, I’d be pretty upset!

I’m not sure what’s going on here. I’ve started using the dockercloud/haproxy container to load-balance some microservices. Is there a chance that it’s trying to login as me and failing? I noticed in the logs that it’s using the docker cloud API.

(Evan Prodromou) #2

Just a note: it’s been 24 hours; my account is still locked!

(Commercetools) #3

we are facing the same issue when using the haproxy in Docker Cloud

from the haproxy container logs:

2016-04-13T13:16:00.784169614Z INFO:haproxy:Websocket open
2016-04-13T13:16:01.060468731Z ERROR:haproxy:Status 429 (GET Response: {"detail": "Too many login attempts."}
2016-04-13T13:16:11.294212262Z ERROR:haproxy:Status 429 (GET Response: {"detail": "Too many login attempts."}

(Levin Keller) #4

If have the same. WTF? I need to login!