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Adding SSL to existing Docker NGINX container

I apologize for my bad English ahead. I am the “IT guy” for my company, networks, hardwares, etc. However my company bought app from developer who died it seems or just disappeared. He was supposed to add SSL to the app but he did not do this. My company hand this task to me to do.

To learn, I purchased course to learn Docker. I want to understand basic concepts. I do have access to the server and containers. At this moment, everything works properly but without SSL.

What I don’t understand is how to add SSL to existing NGINX container. All of the guides I read say starting fresh. I cannot do this. Can someone give me the pointers to add certbot to existing container to add the SSL?

I appreciate it very much.

Cancel your booking for the course and use this brilliant free self-paced training instead. It is way better than the two paid trainings I had in the past.

Add a reverse proxy container to the mix. If you feel comfortable to with nginx or apache, then use the base image and use volumes to mount the nginx.conf and the certificates into the container. Though, I would highly recommend to use Traefik intead.
You could add traefik

Thank you. I will look at this. One thing I want to learn is to add fail2ban and also waf. Those my long term goals.