After Swarm Init VM wont start again

Expected behavior

Swarm init, setup services (non redundant, no special network), reboot host. docker vm starts normally

Actual behavior

docker vm wont boot with no ip error.


Steps to reproduce the behavior

  • preconditions deleted vm, vhd, virtual switch, repaired docker installation
  • start docker 4 win using the icon (vm, vhd and switch are created)
  • vm starts normally
  • swarm init
  • service create: mongo1, port:30001, image: mongo
  • service create: mongo2, port:30002, image: mongo
  • service create: mongo3, port:30003, image: mongo
  • wait for the contianers to run
  • reboot host
  • docker will show the red icon after a while (on my mashine)

Hi @vittel

thanks for your report. We also noticed this behaviour and it seems to be somewhat dependent on the speed of your system. I believe we have a fix for it which should be included in the next Beta update.


after a docker-reset to factory defaults, and then set up the services it was starting normally on host-startup. But then enabling the expose ports to localhost, it was not starting the vm propperly again. seems like its this experimental feature causing the problems.

this is fixed with the todays release. i can start docker with a restart of my computer and swarm is enabled.