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Allow Docker Desktop to access self-signed HTTPS repository with buildkit


Regarding the issue mentioned in the above article, I found a simple solution.

On Windows system with WSL 2, you can find which WSL is used to run docker.

wsl -l -v

On my system, the output looks like this.

  NAME                   STATE           VERSION
* Ubuntu                 Running         2
  docker-desktop         Running         2
  docker-desktop-data    Running         2

So the docker-desktop is the WSL for docker desktop, and you can interact it with the wsl command. For example,

wsl -d docker-desktop -e ls /mnt/host/c/

It will show you that it can access the host Windows system’s file system.

Finally, you simply copy your self-signed certificates into this WSL and run the update-ca-certificates command.

I hope you find it helpful!