Announcing developer's tool: Docker Local Workbench (dlw)


  • Build, run, remove, & report on image/container pods using simple commands like: dlw build, dlw run, dlw rmi, dlw ps, dlw images, … .
  • Launch and simultaneously attach to the terminal interfaces of multiple containers using the terminal multiplex feature of tmux.
  • Track previous versions of docker images and with single command remove all prior versions and their associated containers, ordering their removal to avoid “Conflict” errors issued by the Docker Daemon.
  • Enjoy the benefits of delivering and running this tool within a container.
    ####Try It:
  • Pull dlw image
  • Simple Tutorial
    ####For the truly reckless, running Docker 1.6.x:
  • docker pull whisperingchaos/dlw:prod_latest
  • docker run -i --tty -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock whisperingchaos/dlw:prod_latest
    At container command line:
  • dlw
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