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Any success using within docker cloud?

(Geoff Bowers) #1

Has anyone had success in replacing HAPROXY with Traefik reverse proxy in Docker Cloud?

Traefik looks like it has a bunch of great features, not least:

  • hot reloading
  • http connection draining
  • let’s encrypt support for ssl

More info at

(Ziontech) #2

This looks like a really promising alternative to HAProxy! Since the HAProxy image already does the hard work of generating a configuration from the DockerCloud API we may even be able to try and just rewrite the way it produces the config file and swap in Traefik.

(Mmscott) #3

Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to have session sticky/affinity which eliminates it for my use. Hope it gets added or is there but hidden.

(Ian Walter) #4

I would love to know how to accomplish this.

(Ziontech) #5

They have a Swarm integration method so hopefully when Docker Cloud supports Swarm it’ll just work.

(Ian Walter) #6

@mmscott It looks like they do have support for sticky sessions, see bottom of Backends section: