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Assign a custom domain name (nickname, FQDN)

(Shaun Jackman) #1

My node has the FQDN, which is long and unwieldy. I’d like to give it a nickname, like I see a nickname in the API documentation. Is it possible to give a node a nickname from the web interface?



(Duizendnegen) #2

Hello Shaun, did you find a way to get this done? I am also tempted to do similar, moreover, I’d like to at our domain name to it.

(Arnaud de Mouhy) #3

Letting users define their own nickname on the subdomain is quite difficult as every customer would share the same common subdomain, leading to name conflicts and security problems (you could “probe” if a nickname is available, and if not, you know that someone has a node behind and you could DDOS it)

What you can do, if you have bought a domain name, to add an entry in your DNS records of type “CNAME” that points to the docker FQDN.

For example, you have bought, you add a CNAME record “mygreatname” pointing to (the dot at the end, after the “io”, is important in such case).

Your node will be available as a few minutes/hours later (due to DNS propagation).