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Assigning Docker containers to different disks


(Abrahamjaison) #1


I was just thinking of deploying a docker Cassandra cluster (with 2 containers) in my machine. So if my machine has two physical disks attached to it each with a 500 GB, then would it be possible for me to run two Cassandra containers (which are in the same Cassandra cluster) in each of those disks? How would I be able to specify that? (We can assign memory using -m or --memory to each container but I was just curious if I could run the containers on different disks)

Quick responses much appreciated!

Thanks a lot…

(David Maze) #2

Take Docker out of the picture. How would you accomplish this same task?

I’m guessing that you’ll need to do something like have a separate host-system mount point for each of the disks, and then use the docker run -v option to make one of those mount points appear as Cassandra’s data directory.