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Auto re-deploy fails ... allot

(Andrew McLagan) #1

Preparing to redeploy…

Inspecting WITHHELD:latest image in the registry
ERROR (reference WITHHELD): An internal server error has occurred during your request. Please open a support ticket indicating the error reference and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

ERROR: Service Redeploy (auto-redeploy on push) action on ‘web’ (using ‘WITHHELD:latest’) has failed

Posting here as the “support” is not being responded to.

also we had to google “docker support service” to even find where to post it…

please, if you intend to charge such high prices for a service at least have it stable first… That is a joke.

(Fernando Mayo) #2

I checked the failure and it was due to a temporary issue with the Hub, which was solved in a few minutes. Do you keep seeing this error, or have you seen it before today?

(Andrew McLagan) #3

Yes, intermittently I have. That is the frustrating point here, not being able to rely on a service for which we are paying.

The more we try to integrate Docker Cloud into our workflow the more issues and inconsistencies we encounter.

  • Documentation is sparse and inconsistent if it exists at all
  • We have had to google search to locate support and submit tickets
  • Multiple, severe and frequent service disruptions since release
  • Little to no communication from the team on issues, roadmaps and timelines
  • No support for SC from providers other then github

The list goes on and on. Basically this is a Beta product that has somehow been release to the public as a paid PaaS.

That, in my opinion, is a very bad move. As we have, other teams will assume this is a production ready service. You are wasting their time, money and good will. IF this is not a production ready service cna you please let us know why you are charging and not in beta?

(Fernando Mayo) #4

Thanks for your feedback.

  • Regarding documentation, please can you be more specific on which articles are inconsistent in your view, and which documentation you think we are lacking?
  • We provide a link on to these forums, a link to the documentation, and a button to ask for support to paying users. What do you think is missing?
  • We have not had any severe service disruptions since release. Can you please provide us with more information around these service disruptions you have experienced? Date and time and the service/stack affected would help us analyze the cause.
  • We are planning support for BitBucket soon and evaluating other source providers. Docker Cloud Build is still in beta.


(Andrew McLagan) #5

“Regarding documentation, please can you be more specific”

  • Documentation has multiple references to tutum. At times refing to a Tutum naming convention, at others a Docker Cloud convention.

  • Cannot fine where it describes the corect naming convention for a default docker-cloud stack file e.g. tutum.yml or docker-cloud.yml?

  • No documentation on YML file inhereitence docker-cloud -f file-one.yml -f file-two.yml

  • Sparse documentation sarrounding advanced features of the native HAProxy container. One of the main advantages of Docker Cloud.

  • Documentation describes slack integration, often does not post notifications.

  • No roadmap on features OR issues.

  • Much more we don’t have time to do the work for you…

“… What do you think is missing?”

When errors occur in Docker Cloud dialogs appear asking the user to submit a ticket. Nowhere on the site is there a “support” url. We had to google this. If there is a link to support from please, take a screenshot and post it so we can all learn of its whereabouts. I’am a paying user.

“We have not had any severe service disruptions since release”

Well i cant argue with that when your status page lists 0 downtime and clearly we have had many times we cannot access Docker Hub or the Docker Cloud API is down. I’m sure this forum AND the current issue at hand will attest to that. So why does the status page not reflect this and other downtime detailed within the forums?

“Docker Cloud Build is still in beta.”

Where is this stated? If so why are you charging? People will assume production if “Currently in Beta” is not displayed very clearly within documentation and on the web console itself.

(Fernando Mayo) #6

Thanks for taking the time in writing this. Let me try to address your concerns:

If you are a paying user (i.e. you have two or more nodes running), you should see a support button on the bottom right corner, where you can raise a ticket to our Support team.

If you go to a repository detail view in Docker Cloud you will see a warning message in yellow on the top right corner that states “Docker Cloud Build is currently in beta”. We are not charging for the builds themselves, just for the nodes Docker Cloud manages in general.

We have added yesterday’s incident to

(Dylangrafmyre) #7

Is there a way to pay for other support options? Like same day email response, etc? I am getting a client to start using this in production, and I am concerned with response times for support questions submitted to Docker Support (I am a paying customer). Last time I sent an email to support it took six days for a reponse.

There are tons on unanswered posts in the form with people using docker-cloud in prod but no response from Docker Staff.

I use lots of paid SAAS tools Slack, New Relic, Circle CI, Snap CI, Loggly, etc. All paid accounts. All support requests are answered in 1 day or same day.


(Dylangrafmyre) #8

Let me follow up by saying I have been testing this setup on a AWS staging environment. It has worked well, and I like the product. This is why we want to move it to production, but the appearance of ghost-town support is scaring me off?

When you think about paying $15 per node, and spinning up 10 nodes on prod in AWS is childs play. $150 per month to docker-cloud should provide some support level above the standard OS project?

(Willemmerson1) #9

I’m in the same situation at the moment, I’m starting to build a rough POC and looking to get some support on a few items. From what I can see, support with proper SLA’s is only provided on the Datacenter option, not on Docker Cloud.