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Auto redeploy not working right now?

(Pkyeckclapp) #1

Four hours ago, whenever I pushed changes to our projects’ repositories the redeploys were triggered as expected.
Now, nothing. Have to do it manually although the repo-page states that it was updated only a couple of minutes ago.

Anyone else having these issues?

Automated Build from GitHub Not Triggering
(Sudhinnationstar) #2

I’ve opened a support ticket with them. It stopped working for us from today morning.

(Ziontech) #3

Still broken :frowning: Can see the last updated time in the hub is accurate but the auto redeploy just isn’t happening.

(Richard Adams) #4

Same here :frowning:

@DockerCloud might be useful if you updated your status page with this kind of issue. It says its ok, but even if it only affects some users, the autodeploy feature is kind of important to some devops setups.

(Ayang) #5

My project’s “last pushed” is correct, so it’s certainly seeing the changes in GitHub, but no auto-build. This hasn’t worked for almost a week now. I didn’t pursue it because I thought I might have messed something up in my config.

(Ayang) #6

Actually - mine is a straight Automated Build in Docker Hub rather than a deploy in Docker Cloud. Not sure if they’re related.

(Phil) #7

I am also having this issue as of today.

(Ryan Kennedy) #8

Auto-redeploy is currently operational - please let us know if there are any further issues.