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Autofs in docker for mac

(Rostchri) #1

I wonder if it is possible to use automounter/autofs for nfs-purposes in a docker-container on docker for mac.
Mounting NFS-shares is working well, but autofs itself does not work for me.

I tried the stuff from but at the end it fails with the error:

Sep 18 13:37:00 6ab5838b7cea systemd[1]: Starting Automounts filesystems on demand…
Sep 18 13:37:00 6ab5838b7cea automount[286]: /usr/sbin/automount: test mount forbidden or incorrect kernel protocol version, kernel protocol version 5.00 or above required.

The docker-container is started in --privileged mode.

In it is mentioned that “modprobe autofs4” needs to run at the host first. Is this possible on docker for mac? Does anybody have a working docker-container with autofs on docker for mac?