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Automated build: branch tag mapping


(Strategicinitiatives) #1

I’m not sure why both Docker Hub automated builds and Docker Cloud automated co-exist, but they seem do the same thing but differ in few features.

The Docker Hub version (img):

  1. Allows regex in branch name / image tag mapping
  2. Does not support environment variables

The Docker Cloud version (img):

  1. Does not allow regex in branch name / image tag mapping
  2. Supports environment variables

I need to use both features. Can somebody clarify the relationship between and futures of these two products? When can we expect either product to support both of the above features?

(Ryan Kennedy) #2

Hi @strategicinitiatives - Thanks for the feedback. We are currently in the process of adding regex expressions to Docker Cloud.

(Kanat Bekt) #3

awesome that’s good to hear. Do you have an estimated time of when this will be deployed? I think we are part of the beta program if that makes any difference.

this is wildly off topic, but is org/teams coming to Docker Cloud? All of our team members are forced to share one account right now on Docker Cloud, but Docker Hub is good.