Automated build repository makes bad image/build

Or not? Well, I have made a repo on this location . When I build image from that source, locally, I get properly running tomcat 6. I used this one:

docker build -t=“user/tomcat6” .

However, Automated Build Repository builds bad image. You can try it:

When I try to run that image tomcat 6 is not running. I can not even start it from console, it gives me: “Error code 4”. /var/log/tomcat6-initd.log is full with ‘Permission Denied’ messages.

What could be a problem?

I’d like to share with you the response from Docker Support Team:

I believe the issues you’re seeing are related to one we’ve been tracking with automated builds having incorrect permissions. At this point, we have yet to isolate a solution for these issues. I’ve added you to the list of affected repositories so that we can update you when there is a fix.

Hollie Teal, Support Engineer
Docker, Inc.