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Automated Builds Stuck on Pending


(Scraigchatham) #1

This has just happened today, but my automated builds are stuck in pending. I thought it was a repo issue perhaps so I created another repo and the same thing is happening - builds are stuck in Pending.

I was looking around to see if I had maybe hit a build limit or the like, but I didn’t see anything and it’s not giving me an error message. I also checked the status page to ensure builds were up and running OK and they are.

Any thoughts on why my builds are stuck?

Thanks for the help!

(Locogame) #2

Same, the first error I got was
ERROR: Highland: unable to process this request

Now the timeline tab doesn’t even show logs.

(Dela De Youngster) #3

Had the same problem earlier today. Several hours later, everything seems to be working correctly again. Not sure what was going on because the Docker Status page didn’t indicate any issues.

In any case, I’m glad it’s working again. Almost got to the point of ripping my hair out. :sweat_smile:

(Scraigchatham) #4

Agreed - it seems to be working now. I was already ripping out my hair because I’m about to tell upper management this is what we are doing and all of a sudden automated builds were failing :slight_smile:

(Davidthornton) #5

Looks to be happening again 10(ish) Jan 2018…

(Netkachev) #6

happens again Feb 7-8 2018

(Beefd0g) #7

Super long build times happening here as well.

(Zander Janse van Rensburg) #8

Seeing it again today on all my automated builds. Relinked to GitHub as this worked last time. Anyone else experiencing it today (15th Feb)?

(Riyasdeenb) #9

Looks like i’m not alone, stuck since 8:00 PM AEDT 15 Feb 2018.

(Gregorysc) #10

Same here on Feb 17 2018 11AM GMT+1

(Deanunnotech) #11

Same here Feb 16 2018 12:22 AM SGT

(Ain1) #12

today 15-03-2018 the whole day pending issues