Automated Builds: Use own nodes setting won't stick

I’ve created a node cluster specifically for performing auto builds, I tagged it with ‘builder’.

I went to the Automated Build settings and set the build location to ‘Build on the [organization] organization’s nodes’.

When I click save, the next build builds correctly on our nodes. However, after a single build, it reverts to building on Docker Cloud’s nodes.

When I go back to the ‘Builds’ tab under repository, in the middle of the page it says:

[Repo Name] | Use my own nodes | Autotests: Internal and External Pull Requests

However, when I go into the settings, ‘Build on the [organization] organization’s nodes’ is no longer selected, it has been set back to ‘Build on Docker Cloud’s infrastructure’.

How do I get all my automated builds to build using our organization’s nodes?

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