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Automatic Build throws "Request failed with status: 429 Too Many Requests" error


(P-O Quirion) #1

I am getting a push error from the automatic build service on docker hub.

Basically, the log on my build detail page ends with

ldconfig deferred processing now taking place
---> 110be2b7f1d9
Successfully built 110be2b7f1d9```

But then in the error section, I get :
``` Post token auth attempt for registry: request failed with status: 429 Too Many Requests```

(P-O Quirion) #2

It seems that it was an internal problem with dockerhub… I re trigger the build an hour later and all when well.

(Atheerair) #3

I am getting same things .
token auth attempt for registry request failed with status: 429 Too Many Requests .

Since I install the plug in on jenkins for automating the build every thing mess up