Avoid using Docker proxy and have access to public IP/interface

I am looking for solutions to a wide variety of problems I’ve found in Docker and that I find no solution for them.

  1. Expose just one interface instead of all of them using --net=host. It exposes everything, but I may have one or more interfaces and I may just want to expose one of them, so that the container only have access to one physical interface.
  2. Avoid using the Docker Proxy. Docker proxy adds some overhead. Is there any way to disable the Docker Proxy to have a better performance in intense networking services?
  3. Use a publicly routable IP. Have a lot to do with the first two. If I want to avoid using the Docker Proxy the IP I use may be routable from the outside.

An example scenario where I may use it.
I want to build a reverse proxy with a routable IP within my organization (let’s say as an example from clients (!= containers).
If I expose the needed ports through the Host, if the Host goes down and I want the container to be run in a different Host I would have a different IP (the IP of the new Host).

Any ideas?

I’ve seen the new feature in Docker Engine 1.10 to fix an IP, but I think that doesn’t help me in here.

Thank you!

Any idea / help in here, please?