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[AWS] I can't find the option to choose VPC, subnet, ... Where did it go?


(Mahmoud Saada) #1

I used to be able to to choose my VPC. Where did those fields go!?

(Greg Werner) #2

I’m having the same issue. This morning at around 10 AM EST we launched AWS nodes within our VPC / Subnet of choice. This is no longer an option so Docker Cloud creates a dc-vpc VPC and custom sub-nets.

(Mahmoud Saada) #3

but… why? I even inspected the DOM and the fields are there but hidden…

(Ghislainf) #4

Same for us, what happened for these fields to disappear? And no workaround yet :frowning:

(Ebourmalo) #5

Good to see i’m not the only one in this case !!
Did anyone find a trick or something?

(Mahmoud Saada) #6

the problem has finally been resolved! Yay! :cold_sweat: