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AWS Instance question

(Dajevu) #1

This is probably a silly question, but I linked my AWS account to Docker Cloud and created a new node. However, when I login to my AWS console, I don’t see the new node listed as one of the instances? Perhaps my understanding is wrong, but I thought I’d see the node/instance that was created by Docker Cloud (my node appears to be working, as I was able to launch services under it).

(Mahmoud Saada) #2

Make sure your AWS EC2 console’s region (top right) is pointing to the same region as your node in Docker Cloud.

(Dajevu) #3

I did - Docker Cloud show’s I am using:“ap-northeast-1: ap-northeast-1b”, and my AWS EC2 is pointing to “US East (N. Virginia)”. I didn’t see any other pulldown options in AWS that resembled ap-northeast-1 etc.



(Mahmoud Saada) #4

US East N. Virginia = ‘us-east-1’. ap-northeast-1 is TOKYO my friend :slight_smile:

(Dajevu) #5

That explains it - thanks!