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Azure Certificate installation

(Wintersylf) #1

to start, the instructions for linking my Docker account to my Azure account require me to log into Azure using the “old” portal (ancient). I cannot do that because the old portal is apparently not available to all types of accounts and is not available to me.

but no matter, I figured out how to upload the certificate I downloaded from Docker to Azure. next I entered the Subscription ID from Azure into Docker, but I get the error: “Oops! Unable to access Azure’s API. The server failed to authenticate the request. Verify that the certificate is valid and is associated with this subscription”

but of course, it is. what is wrong?

p.s. I also posted in Super User in case I get no replies here

(David Kassa) #2

Did you ever figure this out? I cannot link my subscription to my new organization account because of the same error.

(Schregardus) #3