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Azure Docker Extension issue with CentOs 7.2

(Giovannifl) #1

Since today I’m experiencing following issue when Docker Extension is applied to an Azure VM CentOs 7.2 based:

20:05:12 - [ERROR] New-AzureRmResourceGroupDeployment : 8:05:12 PM - VM has reported a failure
20:05:12 - [ERROR] when processing extension ‘DockerExtension’. Error message: “Enable Docker
20:05:12 - [ERROR] failed: ERROR: executing /bin/sh [-c curl -sSL | sh]
20:05:12 - [ERROR] failed: exit status 1”.

Any ideas ?



(Giovannifl) #2

After some diggings, it seems CentOs has updated a package and OpenLogic repository is still point to the old one.

Old Package is “1062e5d6571e452b74849a7c620611fa9d0ac9ae20f212a650c688c77327556c-primary.sqlite.bz2”

New is :“90b7c1dd959094bbbd9ebc99d0403bf158cda618775c76d0d4ec1849bbb62049-filelists.sqlite.bz2”