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"Back up data volumes" recipe fails

(Evan Prodromou) #1

From this page:

I used this command, which succeeded.

evan@elizabeth:~$ docker-cloud --version
docker-cloud 1.0.3
evan@elizabeth:~$ docker-cloud service run -n downloader -p 22:2222 -e AUTHORIZED_KEYS="$(cat ~/.ssh/" --volumes-from blog-mysql ubuntu

In the web interface I’ll get an error message. When I check the timeline, the service is stopped, with this log info:

Preparing to deploy…
Inspecting ubuntu:latest image in the registry
Image up to date in our database
Choosing best nodes…
Candidate node State:
Deployed. Total num containers: 2. Num containers from this service: 0
Choosing node because of a ‘volume from’ restriction
downloader-1: Deploying in
downloader-1: Pulling image ubuntu:latest in
downloader-1: Creating in with docker name downloader-1.bba2a805
downloader-1: Starting with docker id a6936ec0c671eb6a81ae9c95c4ef665bd45ed937732e742540a62e02447c0876 in
ERROR: downloader-1: Cannot start container a6936ec0c671eb6a81ae9c95c4ef665bd45ed937732e742540a62e02447c0876: failed to create endpoint downloader-1.bba2a805 on network bridge: listen tcp bind: address already in use
ERROR: Service Start action on ‘downloader’ (using ‘ubuntu:latest’) has failed

I’ve tried it with tutum/ubuntu, which also fails. Is there something I can do to get at this data?