Begging for help on this one - SSDT + .NET 4.8.1 minimal container for AWS CodeBuild

I’m really struggling here (doesn’t help I’m no pro with Docker)…

AWS CodeBuild is nice, not as nice as Azure pipeline for .NET with SSDT projects for sure.

I’m desperately trying to create a small, efficient custom container that will build some legacy .NET 4.8.1 framework projects where I have also added a classic .sqlproj.

AWS default CodeBuild is ok with .NET 4.8.1, but throw in SSDT, you really have to create your own custom docker and use that as the agent.

This isn’t to build a specific solution or project, but the container to build projects thrown at it.

I can get an image built (like 15GB - geez). But it STILL can’t find the SSDT build tools. I’ve tried every combination I can throw at it - and I KNOW it is JUST ME because I’m struggling.

Can one of you wizards help me out?

THANK YOU for help!