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Best practice docker storage


(Rotemsecupi) #1

Hi , what is the best practice docker storage driver for mongodb cluster with 3 node ?

(Junius) #2

There are 2 basic requirements for databases such as mongodb, volume and cluster membership.

There are a few plugins you could use, such as flocker, rexray, etc. While, these plugins could only bind one volume to one container. They are not aware of the cluster membership. You need to create 3 services each with one container and create 3 volumes for each container. And you need to manually setup the mongodb memberships.

FireCamp is a new project for mongodb cluster with 3 nodes. It also has a docker volume plugin. And it does more than the simple volume plugin. It manages the cluster membership for your. It automates the 3 nodes mongodb cluster setup and management. Please check if it helps.