"Best practice" for working with Docker locally (using images in the cache)?

In our development setup we build two artifacts, one that builds upon an official postgres image, and the other one builds upon the first. This has worked fine, but for some reason this does not work on my Macbook where it cannot find the first image in the cache when building the second, resorting to looking up in the official registry (which of course fails).

Why that happens is a story in itself (hence the separate post), but what I wonder about is if there are general “best practices” for working just locally with these images. I have skimmed the official “Best Practices”, and could not see anything relating to this.

One guess is perhaps that the names of the Docker images should perhaps be prefixed somehow, to avoid looking it up in the offical registry? Of course, it would probably try to look it up on the prefixed registry instead … but … really on unfamiliar grounds here.