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Blue-Green Deploys Broken With dockercloud/haproxy

(Dlsysadmin) #1

The Tutum blue-green haproxy tutorial states that "A redeploy is no longer necessary when updating service links :)", and what I believe to be the new GitHub home of dockercloud/haproxy similarly claims that “In most cases, dockercloud/haproxy will configure itself automatically when the linked services change, you don’t need to reload it manually._”

This appears to no longer be the case using version 1.1.1. While haproxy’s newly defined links are reflected in the stackfile and confirmed via CLI using docker-cloud container inspect $load_balancer, it is not reflected when reloading urls even after hours have passed.

Following the final instructions laid out on the GitHub page fails as well:
docker-cloud exec <haproxy_uuid> /

Currently the only way to have changes take effect this is to do a full load balancer redeploy. Is there a timeframe for seeing this issue fixed?

Also of note is that when an haproxy service is created using the official service creation page, the resulting stackfile deviates from the instructions laid out in the GitHub Repo:

  • Please ALWAYS use a specific image tag that works for you. Do NOT use dockercloud/haproxy:latest in any situation other than testing purpose.
  • If you are using docker-cloud cli, or stackfile, please set roles to global