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Bridging 2 compose solutions?


In my line of work, I’m working with MS Visual Studio, Docker for Windows and VS’s Docker tooling.
I’m working on a multi-container solution that has dependencies on containers with long startup times (such as elasticsearch). I’ve experimented with the docker-compose 2.4 format and successfully used the depends_on with healthchecks combination in order to ensure the startup order of my projects. This however, negatively impacts my developement experience, as it takes a long amount of time to start my solution (using the VS / .dcproj / docker-compose integration) or to attach the debugger to it.

I’m looking to optimize my developement experience, while retaining the guarantee that my dependencies are up and running before my under-developement containers are being launched.

  • I was wondering if it would be a good solution to have the dependencies such as elasticsearch/consul etc. started up as a separate docker-compose solution and have it run side-by-side ?
  • Is it possible to bridge 2 docker-compose solutions using docker-network and preferable retain the docker network dns?
  • Is there a better conceptual solution than this?

Best regards