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Bring Your Own Node - CoreOS

( (Charlie)) #1

Is it possible to use CoreOS as the node OS type when using the BYON feature?


(Keithcap) #2

CoreOS 7 is listed as supported when you click the BYON button in Docker Cloud.
And it does work as I have gotten it to work.

However I have had a few issues. I will submit separate posts on these problems, but my advice is make sure everything works step by step first time or you will have to start everything again fresh.

Also be aware that if you already have a connection to a public cloud and you are on a free trial, BYON will not work but will not give a useful error message. In this case you need to add credit card details…

(Laurent Kempé) #3

Where did you get this information from, I could not find anything in the documentation!