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Bringing Autoscaling back on the table

(Tactill) #1


I was wondering if you were planning on adding autoscaling to dockercloud.


(Midito) #2


I asked months ago and Tutum team told me to stay tuned in january. Still waiting…

(Ryan Marr) #3


Any updates on this front? I’m experimenting with Docker Cloud for our dev and a bit of production stuff and would prefer to use in production vs Elastic Beanstalk. Only thing holding me back is autoscaling.

(Kevincantwell) #4

+3000 This is a show stopper for us. And our revenue stream for Docker Cloud would be in the thousands per month if we could run with it.

(Guido Vilariño) #5

+9001 here - definitely a must

(Neam) #6

Agree that this is important.

Has anyone tried to using “Scale Up”-triggers ( in order to set up their own autoscaling logic?

“Triggers are API endpoints that redeploy or scale a specific service whenever a POST HTTP request is sent to them. You can create one or more triggers per service.”

This way, you can set up AWS CloudWatch to trigger upscaling of services based on CloudWatch alerts (

Alternatively, one could write a script which periodically checks the health of the nodes, services, containers and send Docker Cloud API requests to either scale relevant services up and down as necessary.

(Adam Biggs) #7


This is really important functionality.

(Zsolt R. Bíró) #8

or at least let us specify an AWS target group while creating a cluster on docker cloud