Bugged behavior with 2 images that continue to install themself and run each a container

I have followed the tutorial of Edureka at Medium docker-networking.

The images pulled “hshar/mysql” and “hshar/webapp” remain to be up and cannot do anything to avoid that or delete them at all. If I delete the images (after stop and remove their container) after a few seconds they come mysteriously to live again. Even after stopping the containers and run in the terminal docker system prune --all they return to live once and again.

Why this behavior?
How can I remove permanently those images?

In this tutorial you don’t just start a container, but you create a swarm cluster. Take a look at the docs for docker service to learn more about it. Not sure if you really expect this when you want to learn about networking.

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Yesterday after many attempts to avoid this behavior I’ve decided to remove the module docker.io and reinstall it again. After a first failed attempt (images and container continued to appear) I did a second try deleting the folder where docker saves the images. That last try was the good one.

It remains to the riddle of how a Image may be that persistent to die.

Thank you for you time and helping me about this issue.