Build a map-based webapplication

Hello everyone,
Let me start by saying that I am very new to all of this. All I want to do is to have acces to ESDL MapEditor. According to the tutorial I had to import Keycloak settings for the MapEditor and also use Grafana but I don’t even know how to create a container.

I also saw made container already in the Docker Hub but when I ran it and try to go to the local host it just said internal server error.

I would really appreciate it if someone understands what I’m going through and could help.

I’m afraid if you don’t even know what a container is and how to create it, the first step is to learn it so you can at least ask a question. There is no container on Docker Hub. That is a image. This is what I share recently for learning the basics:

Recommended links to learn the basics and concepts: