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Build process canceling is frozen


(Tom Kazakov) #1


Please let me know if there’s something I can do to make a Docker Cloud registry operational again: today one of the builds was going for about thirty minutes and I’ve decided to cancel it with no luck — the dashboard still (some hours later) displays “cancelling” status and no further builds are accepted.

Deleting and recreating the registry both from Docker Cloud and from Docker Hub didn’t alter the process in any way. I ended with creating another registry and modifying the service to use its builds.


(Midito) #2

Try to cancel it from the CLI.
I’ve had the same problem some times, and reported it to Docker Cloud team but they couldn’t reproduce it.
From CLI, the response was that the process couldn’t be cancelled.

(Pablo Chico de Guzman Huerta) #3

Could you provide the docker repository name?

(Tom Kazakov) #4

Of course, it was libermans/frank-backend-dev; but please not that the process did finally stop after approximately 5 hours of freeze.

I’d very much appreciate some instructions on how to proceed if this issue occurs again!

(Midito) #5

Mine had timeout after more than 4 hours too.

(Tom Kazakov) #6

Please advise on what CLI command allows build process manipulation? It was my first approach but I didn’t find the corresponding tools.

(Tifayuki) #7

Hi @kzkv

In CLI you can do docker-cloud action ls to find out the uuid of the build action. And then do docker-cloud action cancel <id> to cancel that action.

I am not sure if the sever allows to cancel a action in a cancelling state, though.

(Tom Kazakov) #8

The freezing happend again about an hour and a half ago (6:55Z) on libermans/frank-backend-test registry.

Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening?

(Tom Kazakov) #9

I’ve created another registry (libermans/frank-backend-test-2) and put the repo cope there, the following build freezed and is going for 3 hours already.

(Tom Kazakov) #10

If something’s wrong with the code build logs would be of a great assistance — with no verbosity now it’s somewhat difficult to understand what’s going on.

(Shaylevi2) #11

Same here. Can’t cancel, can’t do anything.
The move from tutum to dockercloud was awful. Totally not production ready.

(Mdasilva) #12

I’m affected by this issue as well. Disappointing to hear there is no work around.

(Tom Kazakov) #13

Now I have a registry which just don’t build a project — it keeps the process indefinitely in the “building” state but allows cancelling.

Please give me some advice or a workaround to work with: I was quite enthusiastic about the Docker Cloud service at first, but now I start thinking maybe moving from Circle CI was a bad idea after all!

(Dkoo761) #14

Hi there, we’ve been having the exact same issue today with builds stuck in “Cancelling” for hours at a time. Is there any update on this issue?

(Ajwilson08) #15

Things were better, but we’re now experiencing this issue again. Can we please get a response on if this issue is being looked into?

(Mahesh33) #16

Same here. Can’t cancel, can’t do anything.

(Goncalooliveira) #17

I’m having similar issues. I canceled a build as it was taking almost an hour and started another one. The first one just remained on a ‘canceling’ status and the second one on a ‘pending’ status.

I canceled the second one using the docker-cloud CLI and that worked fine. However, I’m unable to ‘cancel’ the first one. In fact, I can’t even do an ‘inspect’ with the CLI using it’s id and it doesn’t even show in the freakin’ action list.

So, without canceling the action that doesn’t show in the list, I’m not able to do another build. Even using the CLI to retry the previously canceled build, it stays ‘pending’ forever…

This is really frustrating, even more looking at how old this issue is and how there isn’t yet a solution for it.

The only alternative in here, does seem to use another build system and a private repository somewhere else, unless this is fixed soon.