Building and managing IoTs sensors platform on Docker

Hi, I am interested to build a platform for sensor management at various location in a city. Can someone send me some references where docker is being used for such environment?
Thanks …

Hi @zifp2003 I have been playing around with Sensors Analytics and IoT for quite a while now. One of the common use case is collecting sensor values from IoT devices and sending it to Cloud for analytics.

Here’s one of my recent project that I am working on and might be useful GitHub - collabnix/bme680-jetson-neo4j: Storing BME680 Sensor data on Neo4j Graph Database and visualizing it on Docker Extension

In this project, I have a Docker container running on $59 Jetson Nano that fetches sensor values from BME680 and sends it to graph database and tools like Grafana for analytics. I am using Neo4j Docker Extension to query those sensor values and building a Grafana dashboard right on Docker Desktop.(which again runs in a Docker container).

Thanks Ajeet, I will look into this project and seek further assistance.