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Bumping up the CS version to 1.8.x for Engine and DTR

(Ricardo Quintana) #1

Hello, at our organization we are testing the different commercial offerings by Docker, Inc. We have been evaluating DTR, which only supports the docker cs engine version 1.6.2-cs5, however, we want to leverage some of the new docker features in 1.8.x but still use our DTR. We haven’t been able to reliably perform docker cli commands on DTR with 1.8.x engines.

My questions is, when is a newer docker cs engine version going to come out, and will it be bumped up to 1.8?


(Brandon Mangold) #2

@ricardoquintana what sorts of CLI operation on DTR have been unsuccessful? Also, are you talking about using the 1.8.x client to pefrorm operations (login/push/pull) against DTR or are you talking about installing DTR on a docker host with 1.8.x ?

(Kenny Lim) #3


We will be releasing CS 1.9 soon. It would have feature parity with the newly announced Docker Engine 1.9.

ETA will be approximately 1~2 weeks from now.