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BYON - Problems uninstalling dockercloud-agent on CentOS node

(Keithcap) #1

Firstly, the command given has to work first time or it seems impossible to correct. The uninstall does not work. The instructions indicate to use apt-get which is not available on CentOS so I tried yum remove:

yum remove dockercloud-agent

It says it is removed, but the new install complains that it is still installed… So when I found my problem, I had to wipe my node to retry. Not very convenient.

Can anyone provide unistall intructions for dockercloud-agent on CentOS?



(Dsbudiac) #2

Had the same issue. Not sure if this is a safe fix, but the follow commands fixed it for me:

yum remove dockercloud-agent
rm -rf /etc/dockercloud
rm -rf /etc/docker

Then run your node init command.