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Cached build steps not working, even on same node

(Lizter) #1

I have a huge npm dependency tree. My Dockerfile is setup so that if my package.json file has not changed, it should use the cache. This works like a charm locally, and the build takes mere seconds. I have autobuild on pull requests, and master branch pushes from GitHub. Browsing the logs from the different builds, no cache is utilized, even though they are built on the same node. (I use bring your own node from Azure)

(Parasut) #2

I have the same issue. any solution you find?

(Lizter) #3

I still have no idea how to fix this, or if it is even possible at this time. This is super frustrating, as my builds are taking 10 minutes compared to a few seconds with cache on my local machine because of all our node modules which we rarely make changes to.

(Ryan Kennedy) #4

@lizter Thanks for the feedback. We are looking into solutions for this and will update this thread when we have a fix available.

(Parasut) #5

Thank you! I hope this will be resolved soon.

(Lizter) #6

Thank you for looking in to this!

(Lizter) #7

Any updates on this one?

EDIT: I came across another post regarding the same issue with an update from a developer five days ago: [RELEASED] Caching between builds