Cadvisor missing container names with docker 19.03.4 if user remapping is enabled

I’m running cadvisor to get container metrics, and I noticed an odd behaviour.

When using docker 18.09.7, the cadvisor displays the name=“containername” tag, eg.

container_memory_rss{container_label_description="",container_label_maintainer="",id="/docker/8361aeac264c79e5f9743cf2af0f359d315ecdc1fdece4854e01fa3699bda72e",image=“ubuntu:18.04”,name=“mycontainer”} 3.5659776e+07

However with docker 19.03.4 the image and name tags are missing:


I’m not sure if it’s a cadvisor issue (not supporting docker 19.x) or a docker issue in 19.x not providing these tags to cadvisor.

So please guide me how can I get the container names as well.

UPDATE: After a careful investigation, it’s quite possible that the issue relates to the user remapping feature. Without it I can see both the image and name labels.