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Call for participants: Docker UCP 2.1 UX study

(Joao Fernandes) #1

As a part of our critical effort to improve product quality, we’ve been planning to conduct a series of usability studies on the Universal Control Plane (UCP) 2.1. If you could spare an hour to help us improve our product, please complete the following form to sign up:

Here is more information about our usability sessions:

  • The sessions will approximately take an hour. You participate remotely.
  • You go through the tasks we believe that Docker users would perform in their natural setting.
  • As you go, you will share your thoughts and make suggestions which will directly improve on our product quality.
  • Our goal is to evaluate our product, not user’s performance. We will make sure it’s rewarding experience to anyone who participates in this process.
  • We would like to record our meeting so we can remember all the valuable feedback we get. We will keep all those recordings anonymous and only use them to improve on the user experience of our product.
  • We will be sending you a Docker t-shirt to thank for the time and effort participating in our session.

We would appreciate your consideration. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at: