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Call for Participation - CIS Docker Security Benchmark under development

(Praving5) #1

Dear Docker Users,

CIS has initiated a project to develop a security benchmark for Docker containers. So far, we have 30 recommendations completed, tested and well written. 38 are in draft and are being worked.

We need your participation to review and contribute as much as you can. All you need to do is a quick signup using your work email address.

To do so, you’ll need to register at CIS site. Registration is moderated, so let me know when you register and I’ll get you approved.

There are two different levels at which you can participate. You are welcome to be a “contributor”, and I know that we’re also considering people to be “editors” (more of a leadership role within the community). I’m not sure of your interest level or background, but let me know what you’d be willing to consider.

You might view the difference between the two roles like this: A contributor participates in discussions about recommendations, creating discussions, creating tickets; an editor does the work of authoring recommendations, managing discussions, and handling tickets.

Both contributors and editors are formally acknowledged in the published benchmark.

Below are some next steps you may want to take once you have registered:

• Log in to the collaboration site with the credentials you received then,
o Click the Profile link in the upper right hand corner
o Click the “Change Password” tab
o Enter a new password
• To join a consensus team, select Profile -> Options Button -> Manage Communities.

Once you join the community, go to Files section and watch the pinned video on how to work with site and contribute.

That’s all. Looking forward to see you all. You can find the work done so far on the below URL:

Please let me know if you have questions around this.

Thanks and regards,
Pravin Goyal

(Praving5) #2

Any takers yet? We are done with 48 recommendations now and only 13 are left. These 13 would be completed by end of next week.

You can participate now and contribute!

(Praving5) #3

Hi All,
Following up…

I have completed authoring the first cut for CIS Docker Security Benchmark. There are totally 68 recommendations. The break-up is as below:

Host configuration - 13 recommendations
Docker daemon configuration - 12 recommendations
Docker daemon configuration files - 16 recommendations
Container Images and Build File - 5 recommendations
Container runtime - 22 recommendations

I come to you to seek help in joining the project and just review the recommendations and provide your valuable comments. You would not have to do anything else. Your help would be formerly acknowledged in the released benchmark. It is currently targeted to be released by end of March-2015.

Please contribute and help.

Thanks and regards,
Pravin Goyal

(Praving5) #4

Reviews are going on in full swing. Would you not want to participate?

(Praving5) #5

This is the LAST CALL to have your say. The benchmark is ready and would be released in the last week of April, 2015.