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Can docker take control of winodws installation

I find windows bloated . every 3 month to 6 month i erase my hard disk and start everything all over again. Windows problem is too many unnecessary servcies running and registry bloat.

Also uninstall dont remove all registry setting and leave it as ghost data.

I am wondering docker has any mechanism to install into docker window container?

I tried Virtual box. Its useless because its slow as normal pc.

Anyone install IDE (visual code into docker window container and run it?)

Basically windows need different way to install and run app that is encapsulated from window OS. So any removal will be clean.

My idea is that windows should use package model. Meaning everything run within a ZIP file. All application data would be inside zip file. When app run windows knows where are all files for that app. Windows only store file path and file into registry. Nothing else.

Zip file will have its own registry and services container. Basically when app not run it wont take any space anywhere. No virus because app will have no persmission write or read anywhere other zip file.

Every app is its own sandbox.

Ever heard of Windows Sandbox?

Never mind, this is not the right solution for what you look for, as it will always boots up an ephemeral windows instance that allows to run applications, though the state is completly thrown away when closed.

What you ask for is prett much comparable on how snap-containers work on linux systems. I am afraid Windows Sandbox was a pointer into the wrong direction.

Sorry for missleading you in a wrong direction.

Not OS sandbox. I mean each app is own sandbox but share OS but not its directory structure. Everything contained inside its expanded zip file structure. Basically its a directory but you cant copy file to some other area of Harddrive. To prevent malware spread outside. You stil have access to hardrive but within that file. You can its mounted its own drive but drive name is app name/. Only window recognize its an app when you click on them. You can access the file with right click to open and edit or create new files inside just like normal drive.

My idea is windows bloat happens because of its global registry and global user directories. There is no need for user directory because each session is its own one user. Any user login have to install its own app as its like copying a single file …other than space issue , its cleaner. Sharing one app across multi user is a big no no. Idea is reduce bloat and each user can add remove app without affecting others.