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Can i "chown" Windows volume?

i tried to run pgadmin on Windows 10 with Docker 20.10 build 7287ab3 over WSL2

docker run -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -v /mnt/c/docker/pgadmin/ssl/zertifikat.pem:/certs/server.cert -v /mnt/c/docker/pgadmin/ssl/schluessel.key:/certs/server.key -v /mnt/c/docker/pgadmin/var_lib:/var/lib/pgadmin -e '' -e 'PGADMIN_DEFAULT_PASSWORD=secret' --name pgadmin -d dpage/pgadmin4

it run’s but didn’t work, because the container can’t rw the volumes:

Warning: pgAdmin runs as the pgadmin user (UID: 5050) in the pgadmin group (GID: 5050) in the container. You must ensure that all files are readable, and where necessary (e.g. the working/session directory) writeable for this user on the host machine. For example:

so, is there any possibility to “fake” the permissions for a Windows host volume ?